ARE you involved in specific areas of ministry in your Local Church or in the world at large?

WILL a course of Biblical studies contribute to strengthening the vitality of your Local Church?   

DOES your local Church help to nurture encourage and support the visions of its members that are God-given and Kingdom oriented?

DOES your local Church support your vision, calling and gifting?

CAN you show accountability and financial support to your Local Church?

THE WORLD CHRISTIAN MISSION is helping to develop creative initiatives and innovative approaches to Local Church-based ministries.

WE do so by providing grants to individuals to develop their ministries, as part of our participation in the expansion and realization of the Kingdom of God on earth.

WCM  assist and sponsor students to the intensive Bible Studies being held at Reykjavik Iceland by the world renowned American School of Christ International.

The School of Christ International is non-denominational; it is a training and sending tool; it has no churches and will not  have any. It is driven by the belief that Christ is about to return to His Church, and it takes seriously the command  of Jesus to preach the Gospel to every creature.

WCM’s objective in providing scholarships for this worthy training course is to enable those who benefit from it  to strengthen on their return their personal commitments to their various Churches and, in particular,to become more committed in their pursuit of the Great Commission.

Applicants may belong to any denomination  that operate Christ-centred doctrines and visions.

The School provides the studies free and WCM pays our students’ air fares to and from Iceland and for their two weeks’ accommodation and board.

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