THE WORLD CHRISTIAN MISSION is an inter-denominational Christian fellowship. WCM started in 1990 as  Worldwide Christian Fellowship , a Bible study group at St Mary’s & St John the Divine (CoE) Church in Balham, London UK .

We are no longer church-based and now operate as an apostolic, evangelical non-denominational and non-sectarian international ministry.

We work in co-operation with other Christian organisations, denominations, ministries and fellowships that shares our articles of faith.


“That everyone on earth shall be saved”.


TO PROCLAIM Jesus to the world through preaching, teaching, training, seminars, conferences, crusades, conventions and social actions; to carry on these services as a Christ-centred, Bible-based non-denominational fellowship, and to assist and work alongside churches, denominations and fellowships that are Christ-centred and Bible-based. 

Our Objectives:


WCM is actively involved in mission planting and organising pilgrimage to  historic and spiritually edifying locations in the world.  Every local unit of WCM  form both  a “sending ground”, from which missions goes out to different locations. WCM provides the material and spiritual resources for its members called by God to go on a mission.

Social Actions 

  • To manifest our faith through social actions in the community, responding in every practical way possible to the biblical mandate to care for the poor by ‘clothing the naked’, ‘feeding the hungry’, and ‘sheltering the homeless’, and helping them in every way possible to find dignity and hope.
  • To help individuals and groups to set up small-scale sustainable business projects, and be thus empowered to make choices about their lives, and re-discover a sense of self-worth and dignity where that has been lost.